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The Jeep Wrangler is an icon. It is one of the most identifiable vehicles on the road, and has established a legacy of offering thrill-seeker unmatched off-road capabilities. Today's Wrangler is ready to hit the trails. But for many 'Jeepers', a big part of ownership is customization to the exact specs you want or need. This is where American Expedition Vehicles comes in. AEV takes your Wrangler to a whole new level of off-road design, style, and performance. When you step into the AEV JK Wrangler, be ready to take your off-roading to extremes. This is one vehicle that can take you anywhere.

AEV JK Wrangler Capability

Here are some of the performance add-on's that elevate the capability of your Wrangler:

  • Performance Tires: With your AEV JK Wrangler you will get 35" or 37" BF Goodrich KM2 All-Terrain tires. These tires work great on the road, but they are designed to take you on the trail. Also, the JK's speedometer, gear ratio, stability control, and transmission are specially re-calibrated to work with the larger tires.
  • AEV Bumpers: These special designed bumpers give owners multiple mounting points to for accessories such as Hi-Lift jacks and Pull-Pal winch anchors.
  • Dual Sport Suspension: Sure, your Wrangler will come with suspension that is able to tackle the trail. But AEV's suspension takes it to a whole other level. It improves articulation and lift height, but also adds OE-level engineering to provide incredible off-road capability, as well as great performance on the road.
  • Optional Features - Customize Your JK Wrangler: SNORKEL: AEV also offers a variety of performance features that are optional. These allow you to customize your Wrangler to your exact liking. To start with is the JK Snorkel System. This cool-looking raised air intake system delivers cool, clean air to your engine, even when you are in a dusty or deep water environment. The AEV Hemi Engine option gives the ultimate power for your JK. It is a 6.4L or 5.7L Hemi Swap and features 470 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. Other AEV JK Wrangler options include a JK Roof Rack, Rear Corner Guards, and Differential Covers.

Interior and Exterior Features of the AEV JK Wrangler

When you purchase an AEV JK Wrangler you not only get additional performance features out of your Wrangler, you also get a variety of both cabin and exterior add-ons that heighten your Wrangler's off-roading ability. Read on to see what's included in the AEV Package.

  • Alloy Wheels: These are made of extra-strong lightweight, cast aluminum. There are a few designs and finished to choose from. These wheels are offset to specifically to accommodate larger tires and to work with the JK's suspension geometry. There is a valve stem recess to protect the stem and TPMS from damage from extreme terrains.
  • Premium Front Bumper: The AEV front bumper is made of 3/16" stamped steel. This means it is both lightweight and durable. The premium bumper aids in front end protection, and also increases the Wrangler's approach angle to allow for 37" tires. Included are two ½" solid steel tow hooks mount directly to the chassis.
  • Rear Bumper & Tire Carrier: The AEV JK Wrangler's rear bumper is built from 3/8" steel. Clearly, this is an upgrade in durability compared to the plastic stock bumper. There are steel tow points that mount directly to the frame offering maximum recovery ability. A cool thing about this bumper is that it can hold 5 gallons of water for trail use. The Rear Tire Carrier is mounted directly to the frame of the Wrangler, meaning it is a secure way to hold large wheels and tires.
  • Cabin Options: AEV offers a variety of interior options to further customize your JK Wrangler. These include rugged front and rear floor liners that are specifically molded in the shape of the JK's floor. Another option is upgraded leather seats that are designed to withstand extreme conditions. They are not only durable, but also functional and comfortable. You can also opt for a thermoformed JK Wrangler cargo liner.
If you are interested in learning more about the American Expedition Vehicles JK Wrangler or seeing one in person, give us a call at Thunder Dodge Chrysler Jeep, or fill out our online contact form below!

If you are interested in learning more about the American Expedition Vehicles JK Wrangler or seeing one in person, give us a call at Thunder Dodge Chrysler Jeep, or fill out our online contact form below!